To provide reliable information and tools for selfcare for you to be healthy, whole, robust, vital, clear of mind and spirit, and self-determined.

Background for Expertise 

I have  studied and used natural healthcare and selfcare for 45 years beginning with healing from ulcerative colitis, allergies, and chronic fatigue syndrome in my teens.

This experience made me passionate to understand how we heal – physically, biochemically and mentally.  I have practice as a family practice chiropractic physician since 1984.  I research, write, teach and consult for the profession and the public. Refer to my bio for more background.

Knee Pain: Answers Are Often Elsewhere

Knee pain can be a great and greatly frustrating mystery. Though a clear injury is often the cause, it’s not unusual for knee pain to start with no apparent cause. It’s common for people to go from doctor to physical therapist to trainer and back to yet another doctor attempting to find a solution. And, […]

Stress, Cortisol, and You

We all talk about stress – ours and others – and we assume we know what that means. Do we? Usually, when we talk about stress we’re talking about emotional stress, but stress is our response to anything that challenges the innate capacity of our body to regulate and maintain itself and to heal. Those […]

Aerobic Base Training – The Most Important Exercise You’re Missing?

Pushing weight is fun! Grinding past that nearly stopped point of a heavy deadlift. Stopping cold a big kettlebell at the top of a snatch. Feeling the bar “snap” as you catch it at the bottom of a classic rock bottom clean. Locking tight for all you’ve got at the top of a barbell jerk […]

Genetic Testing – A Remarkably Useful Tool

Genetic testing provides answers for the many complex and chronic illnesses that are often difficult to diagnose and tend to respond poorly to care.

Sick Care or Health Care?

US healthcare is the most expensive in the world and rated 72nd in overall level of health when compared to other nations. What to do? We need a different model.


Houston, We Have A Drug Problem (Part 1)

“It’s just that it is normal at your age to be taking 5 prescriptions by now!” What happens to modern medicine when doctors aren’t clear about what drugs actually do and don’t do? A huge drug problem.

Yin, Yang, The Great Integrity and You

Understanding the principles of yin and yang will give you tremendous leverage over your health and well-being.

Your Body-Mind & Nasal Breathing

Alternate nostril breathing benefits hormones, digestion, detoxification, heart, immune system, sleep and wakefulness, alertness, focus, memory, emotions, and even consciousness.

Brain Function and Nasal Breathing

Your brain function and nasal breathing work together to optimize how your body-mind regulates body functions and even moderate your emotions.

The Nasal Cycle & Brain-Body Function

Subtly, rarely noticed, throughout every day of your life and since your first breath this life cycle helps regulate your mood, mental focus and even ability to produce memories, helps coordinate the functions of your glands and organs, hormones, digestion, absorption, detoxification, and cell energy. This cycle controls your sleep and your wakefulness and how […]

Drink Tequila for Stronger Bones! – Reading Health Claims Critically

Journalists have been having fun with crazy health claim headlines and stories for a for a long time and “snake oil” remedies for everything that ails us has been hawked for even longer. How can you find the truth behind the claims?


Cheat Your Way Healthy

What if cheating made you healthier?

Sometimes cheating the commonly accepted rules of for living a healthy lifestyle is actually good for you! You’ll be surprised to find out a lot of supposedly healthy habits aren’t.

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Creating Joy

Joy is an inside job. The experience of joy occurs in your central nervous system – your brain – and is not dependent on an external phenomena. Joy is a natural outcome of high functioning and integration of your body, mind, and spirit/psyche. Learn how to create joy.

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The Neurology of Gratitude – Key to Happiness


Savoring our feelings of gratitude, appreciation, and thanksgiving has profound effects on our brain and body functions, improves our health and well-being, reinforces social values, determines how we experience life, and even leads to how successful we are in achieving our life vision.